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Getting Started

Updated: May 13, 2021

Right around the age of 25 I realized that I did not enjoy working in account management/marketing and spending all of my time sitting in front of a computer. I was bored, uninspired and not even 3 years into my working life. At 26, I slapped some golden handcuffs on and bought a condo in Chicago, leaving me with little choice but to remain at a boring, yet stable job.

Fast forward to 2018- I'm now married with a 9 month old son still living in that same Chicago walkup. My husband and I both worked and traveled a lot. The city had lost its luster and once we became parents, our priorities changed. Our Chicago chapter was coming to an end.

My husband found a new job in rural Indiana that was about as far away from city life as one could imagine. I stopped working and gave the stay at home mom thing a shot. I quickly realized I did not enjoy being at home full time, nor, was rural life for me. Once again, I was bored and unfulfilled.

I decided design was my passion and I was going for it! Having already spent 10+ years in corporate America I already knew that people rarely worked in the field they were trained in and I was about to be no different. I had tons to learn and was eager to do so. Thankfully, Indiana has a wonderful public library system (I LOVE libraries) and I enrolled in a 10 week interior design course for beginners. Skeptical at first, I ended up learning so much about design that I didn't know I needed. A lot of it was boring, unglamourous content but so incredibly helpful and exactly what I needed as I began building my foundation. I continue to read just about every design book I can get my hands on which has done wonders for my industry knowledge and confidence as a designer. Indiana disappointed us in many ways, but I will be forever grateful for the opportunity our time there gave me to reflect on what truly excited me in life.

I have remained a one woman shop working part-time as I continue to split my time between client projects and time at home while my kids are young. I have no plans to expand to anything more at this time- just focusing on growing slowly and steadily. I've always preached quality over quantity, and, my approach to work is no different. As I grow I want to grow well.

Whittney Parkinson, an interior designer who I've admired for years, did a wonderful instagram story last month about defining success on her terms and what that looks like. In summary, she intentionally remains small which allows her to choose her projects, work limited hours and really determine what level of stress she's willing to entertain. As Americans, we often measure success by money and material items when in actuality, I think success is defined by one's ability to choose how to spend their time-so, that's what I'm after.

If you have made it this far, thank you! I promise this long post is an exception to the norm.

Next up, my approach to interiors.


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