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Like all design trends, home decor styles are constantly evolving. Below are a few design trends that are making a comeback in a big way. Although many of these have never been out of vogue, they are certainly having a moment.

To stay relevant without falling into the trend trap, I recommend identifying your core style - traditional, MCM, coastal, maximalist? I would try to keep most of your large, big ticket items within your core style. From there, you can layer on accents from various eras to create a collected look. Keeping core pieces within the same style is an easy way to bring continuity to your home.


SILVER. Not the stiff, modular chrome of the 2000’s glam movement, but warm nickels with soft silhouettes. A great choice in bathroom and kitchen fixtures, lamps and accessories. Not everything can be brass, so mix in some silver for that collected look.

COLOR IS BACK. Whether it’s on your walls or in the form of a beautiful upholstered chair, people are ready to make a declaration in their home. During the pandemic when neutral, clean palettes reigned supreme, you could only buy beige furniture. And honestly, that’s probably what most of us needed at the time- the most calming palette imaginable. With the pandemic behind us we’re once again embracing the chaos of life we know and love and it’s showing up in a big way in interiors.

FANCY EDGE COUNTERTOPS. Like color, everyone seemed to have gravitated towards the clean lines of a simple square edge. I think a big part of the square edge movement was influenced by the farmhouse movement- simple and affordable. But we’ve come a long way from the farm. People are opting for more decorative edges, specifically on their islands, bathroom vanities, etc. It instantly elevates the space from builder grade basic to custom. Highly influenced by the grand millennial and maximalism movement , the arched backsplash with more detailed cuts are also making a comeback.

RICH WOOD TONES. Along with the stark, all white home, the light, Scandinavian influenced home is now taking a backseat to warm wood tones. We’re seeing bathroom vanities showcasing beautiful wood grains and flooring returning to a more classic, medium brown. Unlike the 90’s and early 2000’s, where wood was very red and espresso in tone, today’s wood pieces fall more in the middle. Looking to incorporate some warmth into your home? Try adding an antique chest of drawers somewhere- both classic, yet modern at the same time.

PERSONAL STYLE. Everyone was forced to do some degree of soul searching these past few years and I think people liked what they saw! Overall, homes are evolving to reflect the owner’s personality and preferences versus duping what they find on Pinterest. Let’s be honest, eclectic spaces are way more fun and tell a story about the people who live in them.

One of my favorite ways to showcase my kids is by framing their unique, one of a kind art.

You know what's telling about the people who live in a home? Their book collection.

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