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Today I sent my baby, Mac, off to Kindergarten. Like all parents, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride as he confidently boarded the bus for the first time. As I waved goodbye I was reminded that time is a thief. At the ripe age of 5, he's off to conquer the world and this Mama is chomping at the bit to get back to work

Mac boarding the bus for his first day of Kindergarten. *Told him fleece pants and long sleeves might get a little warm.. he did not care!

So with Fall knocking at the door and a new routine underway I personally am beyond ready to make some changes in my home to help with the mental transition into our new season of life.

Below are a few things I've been eyeing that seem to strike the perfect balance between the warmth of a well loved heirloom and pieces that make your guests think "She's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom".

*Sources linked below

Ikea Sanela Pillow Cover (*be sure to size up your pillow inserts to achieve a more full look. E.g. a 20x20 cover can hold a 22 x 22 insert)

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