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In celebration of Labor Day and all of the sales going on this time of year I thought I'd do a round up of some of my favorite coffee table books. These are my top picks for both styling and content.

The Tom Ford book is actually an oversized book in a cloth box that instantly adds a touch of sophistication as anything black does. When stacking this is an excellent base book!

Summer Thorton's Wonderland, which was conceived long before Grand Millennial was the trend, may not be a guide for your living room but will definitely inspire you to go bold with pattern somewhere.

Marie Flanigan, my absolute favorite designer of all time finally published a book that I have read cover to cover. I have yet to find someone who blends the architecture and materials of a home so seamlessly. Like myself, Marie is a traditionalist at her core, but, she can pivot to lean into just about any design style her clients request. Truly one of the greatest designers of our generation.

And lastly, Soul of the Home is an excellent place to start if you're looking to create a collected look in your home. I've said this before but there's no better way to instantly add warmth, interest and character than displaying an antique. IMHO, Every room needs something old to remind us of the past just as much as it needs something new to help us dream of the future.


*If you are going through a transition, new home/ newly single/ empty nester/ newly remodeled, etc. next week's post is for YOU! I'm sharing my go to classic pieces that will enable you to create a timeless space that will withstand the ever-changing trends of design.*

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