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VALUE GRID- Where do you spend and where do you splurge?

From the moment you first inhabit a place of your own the never ending internal debate begins- what's the best use of my money? If it's your first apartment, it may be choosing between a new shower curtain liner or a scented candle. When you begin adulting hardcore, you're torn between the high end appliance package or a new patio. Everyone at every stage of life wants to know- "Where is my money best spent and why are window treatments so dang expensive!"

Furnishing your home is a lot of big decisions and even more complicated if there's a significant other involved in the equation. Everybody values different things, which afterall, is what makes life interesting.

Personally, I value quality, longevity and durability. I'm a big believer of "buy nice or buy twice", "quality over quantity" and a lover of all things second hand. Over time, I've refined my approach to interiors (and my wardrobe) to include quality, classic and timeless investment pieces paired with more trend forward, easily interchangeable accessories. Sofas that will last 30 years, flooring that is just as relevant today as it was the year your home was built and plumbing fixtures that can withstand toddlers operating them 500 times/day. The more permanent and expensive something is, the more classic and safe I play it. Some may find that boring, but it works well for me and my bank account.

Now I have been known to live on the edge every once in a while and even indulge in a good trend on occasion. You know what's easy and relatively affordable to change? Paint. And it makes a huge impact. Seasonal pillows anyone? You can pack a lot of punch into a 20" x 20" square. Greenery, coffee table books and a good art print can instantly transform a space for under $100.

My advice for anyone starting out (or over) is to design for the long haul. When was this silhouette/material/patten first introduced? Will this material withstand a decade of wear and tear or will it be dirty and pilling 6 months in? Will spending a few hundred dollars on a nicer chair buy me an extra decade? All things to think about.

See my grid below and you'll quickly notice a trend:

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